New Mini Lady Dior design

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  1. Gorgeous! What a beauty of a bag.
  2. This is gorgeous! Such a stunner! :love:
  3. Has anyone seen a chain version with patent leather?

  4. Oh my! [emoji177] it's beautiful!!
  5. Omg! I want, I need!,, congrats
  6. Any red patent so far? Like a lipstick red?

  7. Wow!!! It's amazing [emoji7]congrats!!
  8. That colour! Dior seems to be growing on me recently...
  9. Hi guys,

    I am new here and I am planning to get the mini Lady D. Do you know by any chance, the current price in UK and europe. Been to the price thread but can't find the price for the one in UK. Thank you for your help :smile: This is my first Dior and I am quite excited hehe
  10. Hi everyone, I am looking at the pearl pink mini lady dior. I don't have a store near me that I can go to readily, does anyone have close up pictures to help me determine how sparkly or iridescent the pearl pink is? I don't like a strong sparkle and dont want to buy this unseen to find out its too sparkly. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  11. Are you talking about the Spring Rose iridescent patent leather?

    If it is, then it's not that sparkly. It has a hint of sheen that is hard to see.
  12. It's not patent, it's the lambskin, which the SA called "pearl pink." I thought the pearl in the name hinted at some sparkle or sheen.
  13. Is it the colour Lotus? If it is, then it is a beautiful pearly sheen. It's not too sparkly.

    ClassicLover has one of these bags in the medium size:

    Check out the picture in post #18. It gives you a good idea of how it looks.
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