New Mini Lady Dior design

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  1. I am ordering the black lambskin with gold hardware. What do you think abt leather strap and chain ? Which one is better ? :smile:
  2. It depends on your style. Do you prefer bags with chain straps or leather straps normally?

    The chain is not adjustable so you should try it on before making a decision, because it may hang a bit low on you depending on your height. The leather strap is adjustable.
  3. They told me Black with Gold is only available with a leather strap and Black with Silver is available with chain!?!?
  4. Ya they told me that too! I wanted the black lamskin with gold hardware, but they told me they don't carry that. It's only in silver. :sad:
  5. Hey guys!

    I have decided on getting the mini Grey Dior bag but I cant decide on the hardware colour. Can someone please advise me as this is my first Dior bag.
    (Hardware colours: Gold,Silver)
    Thank you
  6. I really like the pairing of the pale gold hardware with the grey, so I recommend the gold hardware.
  7. Which material looks better in the grey colour? (The pearly one or matte)
  8. I like the on tone look of silver on grey :biggrin: and matte leather would be more durable than metallic one
  9. This is such a beautiful bag! One of my to buys.. The chain fits the mini bag so well!! Congrats
  10. Does anyone know if there are plans to change the opening on the bigger Lady Dior bags to match the one on the mini? I love the bag but finding anything inside and pulling it out is impossible with the zippered top.
  11. No, there are no plans to change the opening.

    Although the opening isn't easy to get into, it is also one of the most elegant zippers on a bag. While a lot of bags have an exposed zipper, the Lady Dior has a concealed zipper (both by the leather guard around it, and the location of it being lower than the top of the bag). And once the zipper closes, nothing in the bag can come out.

    As well, when the zipper is opened, no one can see what is inside the bag, so it keeps the contents as mysterious as the woman who wears it. Very "lady-like".

    And it is a matter of getting used to the opening.
  12. Halo may I know what can the mini lady dior fit? I am keenly interested but not sure if its practicality. Many thanks.
  13. Love this size so much. It is on my wishlist. I got to try it on last month in Hawaii but then I chose the Be Dior dark purple instead. This will be my next one for sure. It fits a lot of things in there actually.
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1442104976.663917.jpg

    Here is mine in pearlised baby blue.
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  15. W o w! It's stunning!
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