New Mini Lady Dior design

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  1. Gorgeous - congratulations!
  2. Wow it's so nice! Congratulations!
  3. Stunning!!!
  4. Can anyone comment on how much you can actually fit into a mini Lady Dior? I'm thinking of getting a Dior one day but always get turned away because it seems so hard to reach into the Lady Diors to get anything out. :S
  5. Do a forum search for this. A few members have posted pictures of what they can store in their mini Lady Dior bags in the past.
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  6. wow, so happy for you! it was worth the wait
  7. What's the stock level like in Europe? I checked with Dior and they only had one single black lambskin with shw in Singapore, none in Malaysia and suggested China as they had 10 pieces (lol).
  8. Stunning!:heart:
  9. Congratulations!

  10. I have the same question ;) I'm leaning towards the old version with the leather strap now, preferably black lambskin with silver hardware. How likely it is to get one from France? And which boutique usually has the most stock?

  11. It is very likely. The mini Lady Dior will continue to come with the leather strap in black lambskin with silver hardware (it's a permanent style).

    Definitely check out the Dior boutique on 30 Avenue Montaigne.
  12. I think you can check Japan and Hong Kong.
  13. Does anyone have a pic of the Mini Lady Dior w metal chain when wrapped around the handle area? I saw one in the Dior Boutique when I purchased mine and thought I could easily wrap mine too when not wanting to use the strap but I cant seem to figure out a system that is secure. If anyone has wrapped theirs or has a pic of one wrapped-would love to see how it is done ;) TIA

  14. Wow great! Thx AJ! [emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  15. I have the med LD in this color! Love it! Congrats!!
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