New Mini Lady Dior design

  1. Dior has released a new Lady Dior design that will give the Boy Chanel and any other small chain bag a run for its money.

    The new seasonal mini Lady Dior will feature a beautiful removable chain with a comfortable shoulder detail that bears the distinctive Lady Dior ovals.

    Now if only Dior made more mini Lady Diors like this instead of the new Diorama bag (the Boy Chanel look-a-like), they would win this competition. The flap closure of this classic mini Lady Dior design makes access to the contents of the bag easy.

    The best part is that you can use the chain on other black Lady Dior bags, and even on their Diorissimo and Granville bags.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new Lady Dior.
    Dior Lady Dior mini black lambskin with chain M0505PCAL_M900_V0_Z.jpg Dior Lady Dior mini black lambskin with chain M0505PCAL_M900_V1_Z.jpg Dior Lady Dior mini black lambskin with chain M0505PCAL_M900_V2_Z.jpg Dior Lady Dior mini black lambskin with chain M0505PCAL_M900_V3_Z.jpg
  2. Owwwww....thanks for a great pics and info aj :smile:. This is reeeeaaaallllyyýyyy cuteeeee. Totally the cutest!!!! Love love love it . I love the chain detail so much. It even got a metal chain on top of the leather, how unique is that!!!
  3. I agree! I love the detail on the detachable chain. The lobster clasps have been made smaller and more discreet as well.

    I'm totally loving this modification!
  4. Omg these are going too be totally TDF. These might be the extra push I need to stop putting my desire for a mini LD on the back burner(in relation to other bags I want lol.)
  5. Love! Great new detailing. Thank you for sharing!
  6. This is gorgeous! Is it already out?
  7. Thanks for posting!
  8. Strap looks long! But very pretty indeed!!
  9. I love this!! when is it coming out, does anyone know? And will it come with gold hardware as well? I can imagine black/gold to be a killer combo. Thank you so much for sharing!
  10. Perfect for us tall folk though Calflu...... Chanel's chain are all getting shorter and shorter. 😆
  11. I ADORE THIS!!! AND I've been trying to find out the price in US dollars, as well as availability. If anyone has any info, please let us know! :smile: Thanks, AJ!
  12. I just died...

    I am convinced I need a Lady Dior in my life. I don't care if it's not practical or is, I must have one!!

    Thanks Averagejoe!
  13. Lol. Same here!!!! I'm thinking of all the bags I can purge/sell off to get this one...I just need to know how much!???
  14. The black is available in Harrods currently, also pearlescent grey and pink £1,800
  15. Thank you so much for the info!:flowers: