New mini agendas - any inserts are extra??

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  1. I had been planning on getting my brothers girlfriend a mini agenda for Christmas, but when I went to get her one, I was told that the mini's don't come with any inserts, and whatever insert i wanted, would cost an extra €30 (price for the mono mini was €155 in Dublin) That would make the mini, plus insert, cost more than the pm agenda.

    Is that correct? I could have sworn that all the agenda's came new with at least one insert, whether that's the address/notebook/diary etc??


  2. When you buy an agenda, the price is for the cover only. Inserts are an extra cost on top of the agenda cover price.
  3. The inserts are extra. Although I had a VERY nice SA gave me inserts for my agenda.
  4. ^ wow. you did. you SA is nice. Can i have her/his name? lolz.
  5. I will have to look at the receipt to see his name lol but this was in Toronto. I was impressed that he gave me some things since I never usually am the lucky one to be given something.
  6. I think they should give you the inserts when you buy them!