new millionaire sunglasses! =D

  1. two new pairs of millionaire sunglasses.. one bought off a friend (the east pair) and the other from the soho louis vuitton store (the west pair)! i never knew they had a east and west pair of millionaire sunglasses, until i heard my boyfriend talking about it with one of the louis vuitton store associate. they're not mine, but they belong to my boyfriend and i love wearing them as well =D
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  2. Em.. I didnt know as well.. but am currently searching for the white pair for my bf.. he loves the black and is looking forward to the white... the millionaire are too big for my face.. !
  3. What's the difference between East and West?

  4. im wondering the same thing...
  5. according to the sa from soho and my boyfriend, the west pair is the one that's sold in america (the pair that says w on it) and the east pair (the one with the e on it)is the one that's sold in asia. the fit is actually quite different too. my boyfriend and i tried on both pairs and the west one fits better on both of us. the sa also told us that the eastern pair is supposed to fit better on asians cause it's made to fit asian faces, but the funny thing is that we're both asians and the western pair fits better on us. but that's all i know about the difference between the two pairs.
  6. Nose bridge, east supposedly for asian :smile:
  7. Nice!
  8. How interesting! Thanks.

  9. I bought the West and it is a little loose at the nose. I think I need to change them for the East version.
  10. Very nice!
  11. miss,
    i've got an asian E-version of this pair but there's a problem occurring to me that they squeeze at my temples, which means the width doesnt fit at all. i'm asian too and i admit i have a rather wide face and not until i received them from the seller have i known i couldnt wear them! i've measured the width and it reads about 12.75cm/5.1 inches. and so here's the thing: since you have both two versions in hand, could you please help me out do the comparison in width for me? will appreciate it a big bunch!
  12. LOL you don't need 2 pair of the same glasses.. how about selling me one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really
  13. good to know! awesome sunnies btw! congrats to your bf!
  14. Hot sunnies!
  15. Nice to know.

    Congrats on your new sunnies. :tup: