New Midnight MAB Just Arrived

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  1. The UPS man just dropped off the Midnight Morning After Bag from Luna Boston. I'm not sure. I love the bag style and size but the leather....I'm undecided here. Of course, in the flash of the camera it looks shinier than it is. It has a very sturdy, substantial feel to it. I would not say it is stiff, because it does slump a little when you set it down, but it does have some form. My daughter (10) loves the bag. I don't know what to do. I figure I'll never get my hands on a MAB in Night (the shade/leather that I really wanted), so do I keep this one in Midnight? What do you think? What would you do? Again, it is not as shiny as it appears with the flash going off.

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  2. I love it and it looks fantastic on you! It really does! Keep it!
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  4. love it. It is perfect on you
  5. I understand about the leather thing.. but if I were you I would at least try it out. Give it a few days and see if you grow to love it.

    I say this because there have been a couple times I bought a bag and when I received it I didn't love at first glance like I thought I would but the two bags I felt this way about have become my favorite! I think we put a lot of pressure and expectations on our bags as we wait for them to arrive and sometimes it doesn't live up to what we think *at first glance*. Don't may any rash decisions by sending it back right away but if you still feel the same than you have every right to return it.

    I love teh Night leather too but granted I haven't seen the Midnight so I may like it just as much.. I hope you find peace in whatever you decide!
  6. I forgot to say how great it looks on you!! It really does look beautiful.
  7. You know, the best way to describe this leather is, that it is very much like a motorcycle jacket. If you are at all familiar with that. When my husband got his motorcycle jacket (years ago) it had a bit of a sheen to it. It wasn't a shiny finish, but it did have a "finished" look to it. That is what this leather looks like. I wonder if, with use, this leather will break in and get that worn look? I just dumped out the papers and put my stuff in it and the bag will slump/slouch down when you set it on a surface. I wouldn't really say it is a structured bag.
  8. Wow, I absolutely love it. I would keep it, but if you don't grow to love it in a few days or a week return it and keep your eyes open on ebay for a night MAB. OR wait for the fall colors, I think a new black is coming out then too.
  9. RM bags tend to soften up more with wear, so I bet it will get more slouchy the more you use it. I think it looks great in the photos. It's got a glazed look to it, but I wouldn't say it's too shiny by any means.

    It depends on your personal preference, in the end. But I just wanted to say that I think it looks awesome on you (and your little girl--so cute rockin the RM!) :amuse:
  10. That is one Smokin bag!! I would think it would soften with use and IMO I think the polished black looks sharp.
  11. It looks great on you. I also had the same concern over the stiffness of the night leather but it does definitely break in!
  12. Your RM looks beautiful!

    Wait a couple of days to think it over. Then, make the decision.
  13. I think you should keep the bag. It looks great on you. Also i have a night bag, and they both look exactly the same IMO. The sheen on this one is great. The night may be a bit softer, but it varies because of the glazing. Anyhow- your bag will break in. Give it a few days.
  14. Keep her--she's gorgeous! And her shine will disappear with wear, and she will also get super slouchy!! :love:
  15. I don't know -- that bag looks very nice! You ladies are workin it.

    I'm still trying to catch up on the differences between blacks. Are you looking for the smooshier texture? I know one of the blacks is smooshier than the other...