New MFF Zoe Convertible colors :)

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  1. Do anybody know all the new MFF Zoe Convertible colors with pics? I found a few online.

    Patent leather pink
    Teal (looks like color of my teal Kristin satchel?)
    Patent leather black
  2. Not liking any. My checkbook is happy now. LOL
  3. There was also one called "peacock" (a really pretty teal color).
  4. Has anyone seen these at the outlet in the large size? I looked on the bay and the few that are on there like the pics above are only medium size...
  5. Thanks for posting those pics. I wonder if they'll have matching wallets too? A pink patent wallet would be pretty.
  6. The 'peacock' color is the teal shown above. I also think it looks like the new kristen blue smoke. I was at Philadelphia outlets and there was no coupon but the Zoes were redlined and then 50% off. The small ones were $124 and the large $144 which is what I paid for other zoes 6 months ago with a coupon.

    The large in peacock is wonderful--I bought it and my daughter bought it in the small. The size of the large is perfect--about like the Parker hippie but more square.
  7. Thanks for the picks!!! What color is all of their liners?
  8. It looks blue to me...does it have any green in it?
  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE that blue!!
  10. I def saw more colors than that and more just plain leather. There was definitely a dark brown leather and that blue looks a lot darker and even more blue-green in person.
  11. My outlet didnt have the blue, but they did have that hot pink and love it!
    Purchased, even having no coupon this week - it was already on the 50% clearance and to me, it is stunning. Lighter lilac/pink satin lining.
  12. The pink is GORGEOUS!

  13. Unless the color on my pc is off, I did see a lighter blue that looks like the one in the picture and I also saw another one (the peacock) that had more green to it.
  14. Here are a couple of Zoes from the new set I got today! :biggrin:

    Pink Patent Medium Zoe F15478

    Lovely pink inside!

    Peacock Medium Leather Zoe F14707
    Has chocoate brown lining!

    Teal siggy kisslock!

  15. I love all the colors!!! Congrats! The patent pink is eyecatching and the Peacock blue/green is a nice neutral and pop of color.