New MFF Studded Zoes?

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  1. I stopped by my local outlet today, and they had out some new MFF Studded Zoes - they were basically the MFF convertible Zoes but they had a pattern of round studs on the front, on the "band" that goes across the top of the bag. I only saw a couple of colors, I know there was black and then either burgundy or navy in leather. Not my style, but they did seem pretty nice. I wanted to snap some spy pics but the outlet was slow when I got there and the SAs were hovering the whole time :P
  2. I would love to see the burgundy Zoe!
  3. UH-OH! I still don't have a studded bag...but maybe that shall change! I haven't been sold on the MFF Zoe's but if they jazz them UP with some studs I'll be a taker!!!
  4. I saw some MFF EW Totes in a beautiful color called Eggplant with studds across the top. Pretty bag, but the quality of the material did not feel like real leather to me. However, if the bag was marked down more, I would get it because the color is spectacular!
  5. Yeah, my impact outlet had the studded Zoes last month, but moved them around on the floor again and put some more out.
  6. I think I just saw one listed on ebay...has studs around top of bag. It dresses it up a bit.
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    Found this pic. Can anyone confirm if this is the Studded Zoe? Thanks.

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  8. Yes, I believe those are it. Saw them at my outlet today but didn't take a really close look.
  9. I saw them today - not that impressed
  10. Hmmm... not sure how I feel on the look of those zoes...
  11. I like it, wonder what other colors it will come in. I don't need another black bag...
  12. Oooh I have no interest in paying full price for a studded bag, but this could be gooooood!!!
  13. I'm underwhelmed based on the photo. For some reason, when I first heard of the Studded Zoe I had visions of the Chelsea Abbey in my head..... haha as if!!

    I'd like it more if there was a row of studs along the bag's outline and not just at the top. Since I'm dreaming here, it would have been great if they'd brought back the original buckle-sided Zoe with studs along the bag's outline.....that would be so HOT...
  14. I don't know about this. I do know Coach is riding the hell out of the Zoe train. How many times can they reinvent this bag? Just my 2 cents.
  15. Saw it and thought it looked cheesy. Sorry...