New MFF Items in Men's Dept. at Outlets, what do you think???

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  1. I've noticed some completely new items in the men's dept. of the outlets, and I was wondering what you thought about them.

    They no longer have the leather travel kits (shaving kit), and now have it in the khaki mini sig. I think they had a crossbody in the same khaki mini sig. They have messenger bags, I think in two sizes, in the khaki mini sig., as well as the laptop cases. These cases might also be in other canvas colors, but I don't recall.

    Then they had some canvas totes. I think they were called Voyager Canvas Totes. I think they came in blue or red. The price range was ticketed at over $300, maybe $328? Not sure.

    But here's the kicker. All these items are ticketed at their MFF price, with an extra 30% off. IS it just me, or are these prices high? I like the canvas totes, but would never pay the price for a MFF bag.

    I was just wondering what you thought about these items and their prices. Maybe I'm completely out of my mind to think the prices are unreasonable, due to my inexperience at the outlets. I just can't imagine that these items will sell. Opinions????
  2. I saw these and also the black mini sig travel duffle bags. I love the smaller one for a carry on, but it is too expensive at the MFF price.
  3. I bought one of those work bags in the khaki mini sig (got a lot of compliments from my students for having a cool work bag) and it was $299 but at the time I purchased it, the outlet had 50% off and I got the additional 20% off that. So it was cheap. I don't know if it's worth it though at only 30% off - I mean we already have to pay 13% tax. The savings wouldn't be a huge incentive to buy.
  4. I have always thought a lot of the travel/mens collection that is permeant was not worth it. :-/
  5. It is a shame they do not have shaving kit I wanted one for my husband.. But I have noticed the additional merch for men and I am very excited... there is such little merch for men.