New Metallic Perforated Tote

  1. I don't know the name of it but it's in the new line of perforated bags that have both gold & silver hardware. I am eyeing the large tote and saw it in silver but wondering if anyone has seen it in black and what you think about 1) these bags in general & 2) the black vs silver.

    I actually like the lines of the large tote and the chain strap but can't decide if I will grow weary of it or if it will look outdated in a year or if it will be a fun funky bag to have.

    I must admit this will be my 1st Chanel bag & I know this must seem weird that I'd want this one. I have been in the Dallas boutique & NM Willow Bend the past couple of weeks and nothing is really knocking my socks off.

    The caviar jumbo bags with the traditional chain are too heavy and the small flaps just don't have enough room. The tote just seems too big and daytime.

    I have a black 35 Birkin with silver HW that I use most everyday. When I do change bags it is usually for night, weekend or if I have a luncheon to go to. So that is why I considering something less traditional but I also don't want to spend $3K on a flash in the pan.

    I have a lot of LV, Dior, Prada, Fendi, Valentino, also a black Kelly that I never use etc nut no Chanel (yes I have shoes & some jewelry though) so ws thinking this would make nice addition.

    I have read a lot of the posts and am overwhelmed by the differences between the more traditional bags. I am thinking I would like the metallic black but if I read correctly they are sold out in jumbo size?

    Also while I have not been to NM downtown as I work, boutique and WB seem to have limited collection of handbags and wallets.

    Aside from Leigh at boutique who has always been nice to me. I much prefer the young blonde salesperson at NM WB. They are so much nicer there.

    Any thoughts.

  2. Do you mean the Drills? If so,

    1) I do think they are quite cool
    2) I liked silver better than black
    3) I don't think it's weird for you to want it as your first Chanel.
  3. Yes - that is what they are called.

    I saw the black in the two smaller bags but it was hard to imagine what it would look like in the large tote.

  4. And I am dying to go to a trunk show but they are always on a week day & the stores are too far from my office :smile:
  5. I think you are describing the drill too. The tote looks cute in the picture but I have not seen it in person. I am curious about the silver one. I wonder if it is too flat in person or if it will take a nice shape once you fill it.
  6. I believe you are talking about the Drill. I was interested in one style, but my SA told me that collection did not impress her, so I decided to pass it
  7. I love the drill!!! I am listed for a green flap! I was going to get the dk silver too but i heard it was the same color as the 2.55 drk silver (which i already have) so i decided on the green...I am hoping to get my phone call soon.....i think its a great choice for a first chanel bag. Most of my bags arent classics, i love the seasonal runway bags. Get whatever you love.
  8. Hi - This is from the drill collection, which has 3 pieces - small and medium flaps and the tote. I love all 3 pieces - each is very light in weight compared to other chain handbags (chanel and other designers). I am waitlisted for the medium flap in green. This is a wonderful choice!
  9. ^ ~ i'm with *Lo ~ the green flap is tdf ~ infact all the drills are :love:
  10. I saw all the styles in IRL and they are amazing! I especially love the medium flap (which was more like a jumbo size to me). I saw it in the gold and silver hardware and it's TDF. I know they have it at the Saks in Tampa. Call Lisa Beck @ 813-371-5355 if interested.
  11. Thanks Ladies. I really liked the large tote and the way it fell on my shoulder. I figured it could look dressy or casual & I like where it fell on me - longer than the flaps so more against my body than under my arm. I am going to see if they will hold the silver until the black one comes in so I don't lose the silver one. I have so many black bags it mught be a nice change.
  12. I love this bag, I saw some metallic black/maybe dark silver ones in Nm Fashion island. The larger flap one is gorgeous :love:I know they had a few of the totes but I was so focused on the flap I can't remember if there was a dark one.
  13. i saw the large silver Drill tote today--very pretty color IRL. leather was super supple. i also liked the blend of gold and silver hardware on the bag. under the store lighting the tote looked both gold and silver!
  14. You didn't see the black large Drill tote by chance did you? Thanks.