New Metallic Paddingtons

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has a couple new metallic paddingtons. These new styles are significantly lighter. The colors are gorgeous!!! The classic paddington style retails for $2005.
    Oro Paddington.JPG Bronze Paddington.JPG
  2. Sorry, I just don't like the new style with the ornamental tiny lock. I know they're expensive, but they look like a "copy" of the classic style instead. Not for me. I'll stick with the original...:jammin:
  3. Agreed :yes: I don't like them and soooo expensive
  4. I don't like the colors or the style. The color of the first one reminds me of burned toast. :rolleyes:
  5. I agree with beanie, the locks make this bag look like a knock off.
  6. ^^ITA. The original big locks were part of the charm of the Paddy.
  7. :roflmfao: Brilliant ... that is one way to describe it .... Anyone else got any thoughts?
  8. Sure does look like a copy! I like the chain detail though.
  9. I REALLY like the new bags. The leather is more luxurious and the weight of the bag is significantly less.
  10. Not so keen....the colours are OK - but the padlock looks very lost.:confused1:

    IMO, the large padlock is the charm of the paddy.
  11. uggh i'm not a fan
  12. Anyone remember when the original paddington bags came out - they cost $1380 and everyone thought that was soooo expensive! Little did we know! :yucky:
  13. Yes, now they are up in the $1800s and still seem to be going strong.