New Messenger Bags, only online in the US: $20.- off...

  1. Hi All,

    I just joined this forum because I just love bags, I love the designer purses and bags, but am on a budget, so I try to find those hard to get deals or new stuff I can afford. I'm more of a casual streetstyle person most of the time, but still like my bags to be unique and eyecatching...:supacool:
    I just ran into something new, I've never seen it anywhere in the shops, but it's available online. You can build your own bag. They have a special promo running until the end of the month, so it's worth a post. Check out the website:

    They had one called 'LOUSY VUITTON' :graucho:, but I cannot find it on the website anymore... anyways, enough designs for you to choose.
  2. I just check it out... the bag u were talking about is the smaller version the Flow messenger... u can find the link on the left handside...
  3. To the first poster, are you affiliated with the company? It's always questionable when someone posts about a link to a business for their first post.
  4. r u advertising???
  5. fishy fishy
  6. Nope, not advertising, I've been checking bags online for quite a while now, but it's hard to find anything affordable and cool I just bumped into the LOUSY V last week... wanted to share it with all you fashionistas. Anyways, I cannot find it anymore on their website... so never mind :confused1:
  7. The website is naff anyway. You build your bag, they say they take credit cards and paypal, but there is NO button to add it to shopping cart or actually buy it? Weird.
  8. I bought mine in the US. There is a button to add it to your cart. Maybe, they don't ship to your country?