New Messenger Bag "Cameron"

  1. Cameron Silver, Naomi Campbell, the fashion editor..............hmmmm, who's the fourth guest designer? Thanks for posting. Very interesting.
  2. Thanks for posting! Something to look forward to.
  3. I would :heart: it to be Victoria Beckham!!!
  4. Thanks for posting!!
    like what jaegerhomme said, there's something to look forward too! :nuts:
  5. I love it! Thanks for sharing.
  6. thanks for sharing:heart:

    The Beckham would be nice...for a stylishy gorgeous working mom :yes:
  7. I don't know...but all these "celebrity/socialite" bags are making me disappointed in Hermes...this feels like something coming out of LVMH
  8. The Cameron should be a unisex messenger .....especially since they quote Rachel Zoe as wanting one.
  9. Mr PS, thank you for posting this. I love it!

    HG, like you, I am also wondering who the 4th person is.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Hey!! that looks like indigo barenia, doesnt it? :nuts:

    Probably used the last little hunk for that prototype.....

    I would love to see the other designs...
  12. Wow, this looks like a great workbag for those who lug around lots of documents! Love the sidepocket.

    It looks like it could be unisex!:yes:
  13. Thanks MPS for the info. I know you can't wait to get that bag!! It looks like a great style for both sexes. It will be interesting to see who the 4th person is. I am surprised at H choosing anyone to "guest design" one of their bags. It is not as if they need a celebrity name attached to a bag for it to sale. With the reserve lists so long, I don't think they have to worry about the bottom line on their financials!
  14. That bag is a beauty... I wouldn't mind one for myself. The Messenger is my favourite style since I do so much walking...