New messenger - anyone seen this IRL?

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  1. Intrigued by this. Has anyone seen it in the boutiques? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458174826.544531.jpg
  2. I don't recall seeing it at Valley Fair. I'll check out Melrose Place. I'm off to LA in the morning.
  3. I saw it at NM this past weekend. It is smaller than I expected, but that's good for me.
    I like the option of hand and cross body carry and the small-ish size.
  4. It is a bucket bag right?
  5. It's a bucket. There is a small and one size bigger. It is a lv noe type bag. It is very nice and very light weight. I was surprised that the price is so high. The larger size is $4,000.
  6. So the general consensus is that people like this bag?
  7. I do like it , the bluette colour is very enticing😊
  8. It looks like a Roma but instead of being east/west it is North/south. Interesting
  9. I saw it when I picked up my Knot. The one in Pacific (?) is really nice. The bag is very light. It has a structured base. The crossbody strap is detachable and uses the same type of hardware as the Iton bag. I dont like that the drawstring being the only closure for the bag. Well, I just don't like drawstring in general.
  10. Don't know how I feel about the hardware. I think this bag would look good in Camel with that hardware. Or not. BV seems a little late on the bucket bandwagon.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback. The hardware and drawstring are what caught my attention. No idea why it's called a messenger on the BV site.

    Overall I would consider this bag but never at the price point of the larger version. That's a jaw dropper. Ugh.

    Wonder if it would ever go sale? I think the blue is really sharp.
  12. I saw both the small and large size today at Melrose Place. Its a redo of the old bucket bag. I don't like the drawstring closure.
  13. I love the size of this crossbody (esp. the larger one!) and oh, that blue! I don't mesh well with buckets and drawstring closures, though, given the way I fling my crossbodies around.
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