New Men's winter 07 BIG BAG, too big?

  1. I really like Big bags (second line, second one from the right) coming out this autumn (hopefully) and pretty much decided to get one, but I'm wondering if I*m too small to be able to carry it! (I wouldent' want to look like I'm drowning in it) I'm 5.64 feet according to some website for conversion; I am 172 cm and my BMI is about 18. What I'm most afraid of is that it will get scratches from contact with the grond if I carry it as a tote, and that it might look rather silly if I carry it on the shoulder. Any thoughts?


    I hope you don't mind me using your collage for reference latinamalemodel!
  2. Maybe it's just me, but it kinda looks to me that there'll be two sizes- the burgundy one seems smaller than the brown and black ones- but I think you could rock any of them! I myself am thinking of getting one in brown :drool:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  3. I think they might have feet:nuts:
    and the leather looks similar to namade and it's massive!
    and it will be expensive!
    too bad im getting a HAC!
  4. I think the price will be a killer and kinda feels like it is a copy of Botega Venetta with the colored stripes. Not very original there. :smile:
  5. i think the leather is actually the same as the Bequias.
  6. Hot bags!!
  7. Hehe

    I was actually thinking about switching to bottega veneta this season, but then these came up. =P

    They will have feet. It's visible in some photos.

    Yeah, it seems llike there'll be two sizes. The smalles for me then.

    I don't see why these whould be a lot more expensive than some of the big bags from last years winter collection... The shape is quite simple and there's not a lot of done things (external pockets and such) like on bequia.

    I thought they'd be a great alternative to a tobago Carryall!
  8. I think they are bee-u-ti-ful!
  9. I do like it. If there's a smaller size, it'll be cool to carry it.
  10. I always wait for at least the look book to decide what I want. The production models are sometimes rather different from the runway pieces and some of the runway pieces are never even produced at all. :sad:

    I would wait till your boutique gets the scoop on these great pieces before you worry about the leather and dimensions. :smile:
  11. I think it will cost at least 3K each
  12. S T U N N I N G

  13. Is this bag the sac weekend? It's great for the gym, overnight bag, carryon, very stylish though...
  14. Looks a tad too huge.. and actually looks like Goyard's racing stripes!!
  15. That bag is gorgeous. Will they produce it? There was a tobago one in the Spring 2006 collection that is similar and smaller but I never saw it.