New Men's Rings Already Showing Up on Ebay

  1. I'm not impressed...I'm waiting for the december line where we get our flower ring O_O
  2. those were out ages ago, (deluxduck has that ring) the new stone (black and white) is the new version which is to be released, the ring was also released a few months ago (im guessing) was so popular they re-released it (same with the entire wood andmetal range excluding the keychain) Now i need to get the necklace with the coral i dont know if i can resist!
  3. i want to buy the wood ring for my boyfriend. is it still available in stores and how much is it?
  4. Anyone know the priced or the wooden ring and the coral necklace?
  5. nobody really knows the prices yet, you could ring and ask i would assume they would have put the prices up since last time just because then can lol
  6. Here ya go. Curteousy of Karen Kooper. ;)

  7. ^ is there anything lv that girl doesnt have?
  8. hmm......not really liking anything except the pendant- which I LOVE!
  9. I just got off the phone im on the waiting list for the pendant its $555 (AU) here! rip off!!!! bu ti love it ill see maybee ill work alot in the holidays so i can afford it. she said that it was from the last spring and they couldnt gaurentee that i will get one but i love it!
  10. For the pendant is it possible to pull off one of them (I dont like the whole more than one pendant idea) or is the clasp too big to pull if off? (I'm sure sum1 who has the one from last season knows right?)
  11. rishin i really dont think so because there are two ends of the necklace, ordinarily when you have a necklace the pendant can be removed by sliding it odd the ring end as the clasp end is too large and it wont come off right? well on this necklace it has a small lv square just before the ring end which looks to be toow large for the pendants to slide off from, so i guess you cant.
  12. but u cant really tell from the picture where the clasp is, so maybe the LV square is on the same side as the clasp (hopeful) otherwise It might b a dealbreaker for me unless I REALLY like it in person but the 2 pendants just seem like 2 much.

    On another note I AM surprised the rings are the same price, I would have thought the wood one would be cheaper, I think I'll go for the silver It'll probably be more durbable.
  13. i hope so for you, personally i liek them together but its nice to have the option to wear them apart as well, i know that tiffany's have a similar kind of thing with the clasp so the piece(s) cannot be removed from the necklace (and if you want it longer they attach links for you at the stores) abd btw the rings (and all the collection) is palladnium not ilver so its a more presicous metal
  14. that tiger-eye stone ring on eBay was from F/W'05. the re-issued one has obsidian snowflake stone on it. and they're both set on sterling silver. only the ebony pieces are palladium. the metal coral and ebony pendants can't be taken off the chain exactly as naughtymanolo explained :yes: