New mens messenger bag =anyone have details?

  1. There is a new mens messenger bag (they had one in the Wall Street store) not the Cameron, but I think it is called the "Steve". Does anyone know any details, dimensions, price?
  2. There's pics in the Le Monde,I'll scan later (not at my scanner, just now).

    I LOVE it! Not only is it my Dad's name (!) but I really like the style for myself...
  3. Might be creepy carrying a bag named the same as my Dad, though....LMAO!
  4. How Oedipal of you....
  5. LMAO!!!

    I know...but I can't help thinking that way!!
  6. Great, now everyone on tPF will be referring to this bag as GF's Dad's namesake bag...

  7. Here's the pic that I posted in the Le Monde thread

    and here's the travel version

    I don't have the magazine at hand so can't post any more details
  8. Thanks... that's a great looking bag!
  9. oooh- LOVE it! The men's leather bags (i.e. Tibet) are always ghastly expensive though :tdown:
  10. God, aren't they?

    It would be a fabulous weekend bag.
  11. LOL!

    Dad got me into Hermes, actually. Bought me a scarf when I was 16...

  12. GF.

    Now it's time to honour him by buying his namesake bag...

    Isn't that what a good daughter would do??
  13. This is going to sound really bizarre, but I recall someone on another (private) Hermes discussion board, years ago, custom-ordering a messenger bag (he showed us drawings) and this bag looks very similar...
    Great bag!!
    I had been eyeing Tibet for years, for my DH, but alas, too costly for his needs.
  14. Man, I just bought Mum an Evelyne over the weekend....Dad's gonna have to wait!
  15. Pepper - it wouldn't surprise me if this was the same bag, named after him. Hermes often does that.

    I'd love a GF bag:yes: but they've already designed it and named it after Grace Kelly. What's she got that I haven't?

    Actually, don't answer that question - LMAO!