new men fancy jewerly line

  1. hi guys,

    From the new S-S men catalogue, there is a new line of fancy jewerly called "onyx flower".

    It's a black onyx flower (mono symbol) and the cord is not a mono cord like the "fleur de monograme" line but a damier cord.

    Looks great !

  2. sounds something i'd be interested in... is it a bracelet or necklace? any rings? any chance of scanning the catalogue for us?
  3. This sounds like the necklace I saw in the book, but I diden't get a good look at it, =/
  4. neckplace
  5. Is there a bracelet as well?!?!
  6. :yes: There is a ring. Fleur de Monogram. I got that for hubby. Retails for AU$600+
  7. I should check it out for my best friend! Do you have any pictures?