New members of my collection *pics*

  1. I heard that there will be a price increase during early Jul. So I can no longer wait and decided to get 2 items today.


    I hope these 2 items are my last LV purchase in 2007.. :p



    Can you guess what is it?
  2. Hmm a pochette aaand... a mini pochette?
  3. an agenda and koala wallet
  4. it's just a very tiny item. Not as big as pochette or agenda.
  5. a cles and koala wallet
  6. A Cles??? & Er a 4-Key holder?
  7. Show us, show us!!
  8. yay!!! congrats!!!!
  9. 3 Lv items is never enough ;)
    I love your stuff, that cles is soo pretty.
  10. anyone has any idea if I could get more of the transparent cardholder since 7 is not enough for me? I asked the SA today and she said only if it's spoilt then they will replace but I could not ask for more or buy it.
  11. AbFab items! Congrats! :tup:Believe me, I always tell myself "You don't need anything else." :yes: But, I just can't ever stay away...LOL:p
  12. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Congrats!
  14. nice.