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  1. hello everyone! i just discovered this forum! i'm a huge tokidoki lover and the proud owner of 5 prints (soon to be 6 with my new vacanze on it's way! :yahoo:)...i'm totally obsessed with these bags! not only are they absolutely adorable, they are so versatile!
    well i just wanted to pop in and say hello!
  2. welcome! :flowers: which bags do you have?
  3. thanks!
    i have pirata in gioco, inferno, foresta, and l'amore in ciao ciao (the ciao ciao is probably my favourite type of bag), adios star in campeggio, and soon-to-have vacanze in buon viaggo...i tend to go for the bigger bags since i always carry so much stuff, plus then i get to show off more of the print :smile:
    i'm basically trying to collect every type of print in at least one bag style
    how about u?
  4. ciao ciao is the perfect bag for showing off more print! i tried doing the one bag one print thing, but that didn't really work out for me...they're so addicting! i am trying to downsize though, but it's so hard to let them go! lol
  5. hello and welcome! do you have any pics of them?
  6. Hi and welcome!
    I tend go for the bigger bags too (just more room for my junk!)
    You've got a great collection!
  7. i'm new, too. i've got a buon viaggio in transporto, a bambinone in inerno, and another bambinone in vacanze. i had a foresta, but i sold it. i miss it now. i love tokidoki bags. they are just too adorable.
  8. welcome to the addiction! :graucho: how are you liking the bambinone? that's one style i don't have, but always wondered about. do you use it as a cross-body bag?
  9. i love them so much, for now they live in my closet. my daughter (she's 12) and i just sit and admire them. i haven't taken them out yet. isn't that pathetic? i like the bambinone because it doesn't have any big buckles or clips that clink around when you carry it. they're very cute bags, but, unfortunately, you don't get as much print on them as you do on other, larger bags. i should stay away from this forum. all those photos of denaros and things. it's all extremely dangerous......
  10. Welcome to our community!
  11. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum too, been happily lurking around for about 3 weeks to catch up on what I've missed all this while! :p Yes, I absolutely :heart::heart::heart: this Tokidoki forum, everyone is super nice and supportive! Since I caught on to this Toki-bug late, my 'collection' is still so small. I only own 2 Tokidoki bags which I simply adore! A Spiaggia Campeggio and a Famiglia Buon Viaggio. These bags entertain me --- when I'm on the way to work, I just look at my bag and admire the cuteness of the charming and adorable Tokidoki characters! :tpfrox:
  12. Hi everyone. I'm pretty new here too. Im absolutly in love with tokidoki. Im in the Coast Guard (and everyone makes fun of me for being so girly!) And i have two stellina's once inferno print and one citta rosa. I also have an adios star bella. And a bunch of tokidoki jewlry and clothes.

    Im currently looking to get a braccialetto but I can find one anywhere at a reasonable price.


    and maybe a L'amor print somthing...

    BUT! wrist wallet first. Gotta keep on track! Haha
  13. Hi-

    Im new to Tokidoki as well. In the last week I've purchased 3 bags. I tend to go for the solid bags, but am slowly warming up to the printed ones.:tup:

    So far I have a gioco tutti (on sale at Nordstroms), bianco bella (Southampton sale), and fumo nuvola (southampton sale). :yahoo:

    I love the original print, the spiaggia print as well as the tan playground. I'm worried because Im so late in the "tokidoki game" that I may not be able to find these prints....I'll keep my fingers crossed at the rumor that Tokidoki will be releasing their own line (not thru lesportsac).:s

    I have a goofy question, when you carry your bags, do you keep the qee on the bag?? I'm worried it will get scratched and banged up??:shrugs:
  14. Hiya!
    I'm a newbie too!~
    Re: What to do with your QEE:
    Suggestion- If you're really worried about it, you could always coat it with something clear like a matte finish clear nail polish? That way it'll stop it the design from getting all scratched up.

    Personally, when I buy something for use (i.e. Notte bella), I expect that it'll get scratched up- just the nature of having something used on a regular basis. If you're buying the bags just as a collectible, then keeping the Qee pristine is important.
  15. Steffani-

    Nope, I am definetely a person who plans on using my bags as often as possible..the plastic will be coming off!

    Thanks for the encouragement!!!