New member :)

  1. Hello!
    I want to introduce a new member to the forum :smile: A lady who contacted me on eBay for my chanel ... we got talking via emails and .... here she is! :biggrin: ... she calls herself "a lady who is unfortunatly addicted to genuine chanels" ...
    please make her feel welcome!

    Lesan67 please take a bow :biggrin:

    P.S. NO she didnt buy my chanel!! haha
  2. welcome Lesan67 :smile:
  3. welcome to the PF, Lesan67
  4. Welcome!
  5. Welcome!
  6. welcome and enjoy
  7. Welcome! Hope you have some fun!!!
  8. Welcome

    Where is she ???

    we dont bit , i know u will enjoy it here
  9. Welcome Lesan67. We are glad to have you here!! :smile:
  10. Welcome. This place is getting so big. hehe
  11. Welcome! You'll love it here.
  12. welcome.....hope to see lots and lots of posts form you :nuts:
  13. Many thanks to you all for the big welcome - as has been said I love genuine Chanel handbags and detest fake ones, I have a big collection many dating back to the late 1970's (before some of you were born I guess) and yes hologram stickers were in some of the bags even then and fakes were practically unheard of. I have adopted a policy which seems very sensible, if you buy another bag then you have to sell one you have had for a while - sadly it dosen't work!! there is always a good reason why they all should stay with me. :idea:
  14. Yay! Welcome to the family!
  15. Welcome lesan67! You'll really enjoy it here!
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