New member...with a problem!!!

  1. Hello eveyone...i'm free81, 26 y.o. from italy...

    I think this will be the best place for me, to take info and ideas for my purchases...

    I've one problem....where can i buy sunglasses in the pic?Who made them????


    Thank you in advance!!!
  2. Hi! Welcome to the forum. You may want to post this is the accessories section. I'm sure people there can help!
  3. I believe the sunglasses are from VB personal line of sunglasses
  4. go to and they tell you wear to buy her whole look...

  5. thank you...but on her site she doesn't do ecommerce...:crybaby:

  6. I went there and it's confirmed that sunglasses are from her own line...where can I buy them online???:drool:

  7. :crybaby::crybaby:
  8. sells VB sunglasses ;)

  9. I found them!!!

    Thank you very much...:tup:

  10. Troubles...this site doesn't have that model...and also on VB's site that model there isn't...:crybaby: