New member seeks help with ss07 the 'Work' colours

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm new to tPF. Am a Balenciaga addict....own far too many (more than ten ...yikes). just went to NYC on business and got the acquamarine city with the giant gold hardware (love it) now desperately want the Work with giant hardware in Sandstone and also bleu glacier colour. Haven't seen the colours in real life yet ....any idea where I could see them online somewhere ? Any descriptions of them from other users ...any pics. Grateful for any help. I have a Cognac City from several seasons ago and its a little too 'tan' for my tastes so hoping that sandstone will be a little softer. Does Bleu Glacier go by any other name (is it also known as periwinkle??). Would love to hear your thoughts ....thanks so much. ps: put my name and down payment down on the limited edition Magenta City with silver giant hardware. Only 75 being made for Fall 07 and only being sold through NYC store (so they tell me). Can't wait. Worried about my visa bill but....hey!
    This is a great forum - really looking forward to hearing back from any Balenciaga Afficionados out there. Byeee.
  2. Here's pic of my Sandstone GH Work

  3. Welcome to tPF :heart:

    I have a Sandstone First and a Cognac First (pictured below with Sandstone on the left). As you can see, Sandstone is a much softer colour. :yes:

    Hope this helps you a little bit :flowers:

  4. Here's a photo of Bleu Glacier/Periwinkle with GH in the Day style.


    Welcome to the Forum! Bbags are so addictive!
  5. [​IMG]

  6. A big big thank you to everyone who posted pics ! what an amazing site. I feel I've joined a place for like-minded souls ! :smile:

    Basically, I WANT them both ! the periwinkle and the sandstone. Big credit card bill coming my way.......

    Thanks everyone x
    Bag it Baby
  7. great taste!!! can't wait to see you post some photos for us!!!:nuts:
  8. Sandstone is the most gorgeous, soft, creamy tan/taupe/beige ever. I have it in the part time and absolutely adore it. I want to get a sandstone day bag as well. I think that both colors look so gorgeous in the GH work. I am extremely jealous! Post modeling pics when you get them so I can drool.
  9. u got some great please :smile:
  10. If you already have an Aqua GH, I would just get the Sandstone GH as the Bleu Glacier is in the same colour group as Aqua...Then save for that Magenta and gorgeous Marigold or Violet coming in September!
  11. wow, all these bags are so pretty ... drooling~
  12. Any pics of your lovely collection?