New Member Seeking A Lovely Bag -- heeelllp

  1. Hi, my name is Lani and I'm from Manhattan, NYC. I am a regular at Chanel when it comes to flats, sunglasses and jewelry but now its time to add bags to my collection. So I ask... how much smaller is the PST to the GST? I seek your input so that when I go back to Chanel, I know exactly what I came for and how much I'm dropping for it. In general I want a bag with gold or silver hardware. I just like the chain look...Help! I'll make the exception for the Medallion though. Anything under $2000.

    PS - I do not like the flaps at all. They scream grandma to me. TIA:smile:
  2. Hi and welcome to TPF. The PST is is a few inches smaller than the GST, there are some great threads that show the two side by side and on people. Just use the search option. But I believe the prices are 1150 for the PST and 1750 for the GST. But I don't know if this is the price before or after the price increase. I've seen it on here that the GST is going up to 1850 but I don't know if that is in effect. Hope this helps!!!
  3. the interior of the PST is actually only about half of what the GST can hold.
    You like chains, what about the new Cotton Club?
  4. The chains are the best part for me! IMO you need to go in and try both on. I had always planned on getting the gst but when i saw it irl, it was to big so now I have a lovely square petite shopper.
  5. I'm with Swanky... check out the Cotton Club IMO it's much prettier than the PST/GST.
    Also there's the Outdoor Petite Shopper or Diamond Stitch Tote with distressed leather, different style from GST/PST.
    How big do you want it to be??
    Does it have to be a tote style??
  6. I prefer either a tote or something I can carry on my shoulder. I don't want a bag that's too big. I'm 5'6'' and about 127 lbs. so I'm fairly slim.
  7. Nothing pops in mind. Look at the Reference Library, the Lookbooks and the Celebrity threads, you might find something that you like. And the best thing as always is to go to multiple NYC boutiques and browse.
  8. I really like the totes that chanel does, The cotton clubs looks amazing. The gst is a classic bag and goes with alot. I dont think gst will be to big good luck
  9. Good luck, there are so many great bags, I'm sure you'll find something perfect for you.
  10. my opinion is that you should get one of each in different colors for diffferent occasions!