New member..question about flaps!

  1. Hi everyone! i've been browsing a lot through this site, but this is my first time posting ;). I wanted to know if anyone knew the price for the medium white cavier classic flap w/ gold hardware? (is there a price diff btw silver and gold?) or the white reissue? not to sure about those numbers on the reissue though.

    after reading, i notice how chanel always has so many price increases and the latest one was in november. how often do they have a price increase? i'm looking into purchasing my first chanel bag :heart::heart: before another increase...:yucky: thanks!!
  2. I can't tell you prices because I don't buy flaps. . . but I can tell you that prior to this past year, Chanel had not had a price increase for more than 2 years.
  3. There isn't really a set time limit for increases. I believe prices stayed the same for a few years and then last year, there were 2 (Feb. and Nov.) I honestly just live by the theory, the sooner, the better. I'm not advocating debt for Chanel but once you can afford what you want, buy it. Better than trying to rush at the last minute and possibly not getting it in time.

    Price for medium flap is currently $2150 if I'm not mistaken. No price difference between the two hardwares.
    I don't know if they released a white reissue but I think the size you would want is the 226 and it is around $2650 or something like that. Not 100% sure.
  4. Apparently there is another price increase coming in May, a smaller one of course (this one was 20% :o) I'm not in the US but the reference thread on flaps would definitely hope you. I think someone posted prices on page 11 or something
  5. Has this actually been confirmed? I heard rumors about several increases after the Feb 2007 one but only the November one actually happened. Most of the SAs don't even seem to really know whether it will happen until a month or so before it seems.
  6. Wasn't there another one in May of '07? I didn't get into Chanel until about June of '07, but that's what I heard.

    I agree, my SA didn't even know how big the Nov 1st price increase would be. In fact, a lot of the times I know about things before she does just from reading TPF obsessively! lol. For instance, the Hawaii Chanels don't refer to the GST's as the GST. It doesn't even have a name.
  7. That was one of the rumored increases and unless it was on cruise and the like, I bought a classic last May and it was at the Feb. increase price. I know that those who purchased other bags after me and posted the price seemed to pay the same amount up until the Nov 1 increase. :confused1:
  8. ^It may not have been on the classics, it might have been on the other bags like the cabas. ??? Really not sure.
  9. That would make sense if I didn't notice that then b/c I wasn't really in to the Cabas. I generally seem to notice more if it effects what I want. :graucho:
  10. thank you guys!! such fast responsesss:yahoo:anything else from anyone will be helpful! i haven't even purchased any bags yet and already i'm lovin' so many different chanel bags! i figured if its my first purchase..good to buy a classic :tup:
  11. I know for sure they made that "hybrid" reissue with the bijoux chain and the distressed calfskin leather. Let me find a pic...

  12. ^^ That is beautiful. I love it.