New Member of My Brown Family: Miiiiis Sienna!!!!!!!!

  1. Some of you might remember about me asking about Sienna and Tomato a few weeks ago....well, I decided to get Sienna and I can't be happier!

    For those of you who are wondering about the color, here she is!!!

    She just arrived yesterday and she's the most perfect shade of cognac brown:heart: Honestly, pics really don't do any justice......the color is a lot prettier in person:smile: It's a bit browner than Chloe's famous Whisky, but very similar and in the same rust color family. Also, the color isn't flat at all......and this is the color that would age ever so beautifully.....I can just imagine this baby broken in with a pair of beat-up vintage cowboy boots.....:rochard:

    Anyone who's on the fence, go for it!(Hell, I'm even thinking about getting this color in Courier or WE in the future....;)) Besides, the leather is thick, smooth with some distressing, and gorgeous! It looks really shiny on the last 2 pics, but it really isn't. It has nice amount of sheen to it, not as shiny as SS07's.
    The first two were taken with lots of natural light, and the last two are taken with less light with flash.




  2. And to think I was going on a purse ban. You are tooooo bad for me tooshies! I think we have the same exact tastes in bbags! This one is so yummy.
  3. Fantastic, droolsome color! I agree 100% with the vintage boots combo, so stylish!
    Congrats, tooshies! :heart:
  4. Very pretty and of course fabulous :drool: worthy leather! I think that your pictures of Sienna are the best that I have seen! The color looks stunning!
  5. Your Sienna is a beautiful bag. In the pictures it looks like the same color as the basket in the background.
  6. lordguinny: LOL:graucho: I know...I wasn't too crazy with FW colors, but I'm starting to like some of them....a lot!:p
    Sienna is THE best brown Balenciaga came up with...apart from 04 Marron, in my opinion. Cognac brown/Rust brown shades are my fav'!

    danae: Thanks, darling:heart::heart: I love anything/everything vintage and I just can't wait for my Sienna to get old 'n beat up!
  7. Thanks, girlie:heart: I'm sooo glad I decided to go with this color.....this color is my new found love!

    :happydance: Oh, I didn't even notice that! You're so right, the color of my bag is the EXACT same color of the basket in the background:tup:

  8. Ooooh, fabulous!!! Tooshies, good choice! Totally agree with you about vintage-looking color. Congrats! :yahoo:
  9. congrats tooshies~
    I was wondering about color :idea:..but it is lovely~color..
  10. Dang girl! You are KILLING me!!!! First the Anthra, now THIS!!! :nuts:You MUST have connections!!!! Awesome bag! Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  11. Ooooh I love her!!! :yahoo: The leather has great distressing and the color is gorgeous. CONGRATS on your new beauty!!! :party:
  12. Wow, Miss Sienna is gorgeous!!!!!
  13. HOORAY TOOSHIES!!! :yahoo:
    You did good!!! Cinnamon IS the best brown! Don't you just love the leather? I have carried my day since I got it and I'm always fondling it!! :p Congrats!!!!!
  14. Very VERy.. OOGaleeEE Beeaauuttiiffful. :woohoo:

  15. tooshies this bag is gorgeous! Congrats :yahoo:

    That last picture makes me wanna reach through the screen and feeeel the fabulous leather :heart: :heart:

    Have fun wearing her!!