New member, New Bbag buyer

  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm both new to this forum and buying Balenciaga bags and was wondering if anyone could help me out...

    I'm looking to buy myself a Balenciaga City in Black in a few weeks while I'm in Paris. I've been reading things online that give me the impression that they are very hard to find even if you do go to a Balenciaga store, which I plan on doing. Do you have to order them or are they usually in stock? I live in the US and cannot exactly call the Paris store to find out what they have. Is there any other way to contact them?

    Any advice would be wonderful! Thank you!
  2. Welcome, bluedaria!
    Black cities are actually pretty easy to find - it's the one color that's made every single season. You can try any authorized dealer in the US (there's a list somewhere - maybe the shopping sub-forum?) or go to Bal Paris or Printemps. In the early years of Balenciaga, when very few were made and there were waiting lists, it was harder to find a black one, but these days, it's probably the easiest one. :yes:
  3. That is the best news I could possibly get. Thank you!
  4. Enjoy your trip and I hope you find the most luscious thick, smoooooooshy leather.
  5. Welcome! you won't have any problem finding one.
  6. welcome to the PF! hope you will have a nice trip while in paris. one of my friend bought her black city in paris last month, so i am sure you will not have a problem finding one.
  7. Welcome! :wlae:
  8. Hello & welcome.. Have fun on your trip & be sure to post pics of your new goodies..:choochoo:
  9. Welcome! Good luck finding your bag, I am sure you will fall in love with the colors as well!
  10. welcome! I think black is easy to find... you should have no probs getting your hands on one.... have a great trip to Paris!
  11. You'll have no problem! But the leather really differs on these bags, so if you can pick yours out in person then it'll be a plus :yes: Good luck! and please remember to post pics!!!
  12. ^^Yes, be sure to tell them to bring out several choices of black cities so you can choose the one with the leather you like best. If they say something like, "oh, they're all the same," just smile sheepishly and ask them to please humor you since this is a very big purchase for you... or something like that. ;)
  13. Even though black is a permanent colour it isn't easy to get in Europe as amyn stores don't order them at all or just one or two but you might be lucky as there are some shops in Paris who sell Bbags. It's much easier to find them in the US than here e.g. Theresa didn't even bother to order black citys with RH just GSH and they had one black city within the last 2 years because they order the other colours or what they think is going to be trendy or just the newest styles.
    Good luck!
  14. Hello and welcome.

    Try Printemps and Balenciaga Paris. When I was there earlier this year they had quite a good selection. If you are in Bal Paris, and you don't see what you want on display, make sure you ask an SA.

    I was looking for a grenat mini bowling and I didn't see one on display. I asked and they said they think they have one 'downstairs' They came up with one, but the leather was very veiny and I asked if it was possible to see if there were any others to choose from. Sure enough, she came upstairs with three more! So, it's definitely worth some polite questions if you dont see what you want.:smile:

    Good luck:smile: