New member--need thoughts on next purchase

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  1. I recently bought my first LV--the horizontal batignolles. (It has yet to take a maiden voyage out of the house, but it will....).

    I'm contemplating my next purchase--likely a speedy 25. I had been planning on the mono, but am looking for thoughts. I am torn between the mono and the red epi. I will use this as an everyday bag. I've been moving toward the epi because of a little less sag, something a little different and funky, and no concerns about getting the leather dirty or stained. The epi also has two inside pockets and an outside one, compared to the one inside on the mono.

    Any thoughts? Does anyone think that the color will seem dated in a few years? How does the epi leather hold up?

    I appreciate any advice on my potential venture in to the speedy gonzales club!!
  2. I vote for the epi. I think the red epi is beautiful and different.
  3. I think you made your case with the red epi. Red seems to always be in and it is can be funky or classic depending on how you dress it up.
    Although the sag for a mono speedy25 can be fixed with a purseket and keep you organized!
  4. Red epi is beautiful and would look so cute with a little cerise PMR hanging on it. V
  5. While I like the red epi, have you ever considered damier ? It'll be coming out soon, and damier speedies are just smashing looking !
  6. I like the red epi, but I'd rather get a Damier Speedy.
  7. Red epi is classic. I wouldn't worry about it being dated. I absolutely love epi in red! As far as mono goes, it will always be there. Go for something bold!
  8. I have a Speedy 30 mono and a 25 epi in red. They are both grrrreat bags. I like the epi a little more because you don't see it everywhere you turn. Seeing the mono everywhere is starting to make me yawn, if you know what I mean. However, if you decide to get the mono you can prevent it from sagging by making an insert for the bottom of the bag out of plexiglass. It works like a charm! Whichever one you decide to get you'll be investing in a great bag. Let us know what you decide.
  9. They're both great and if you put enough junk in the mono speedy it doesn't seem to be as saggy. I already have a mono speedy 25, so I would get the red epi, it's so pretty! If you do decide you want an mono speedy later you can always get one, but who knows how long they will make the epi for. You might want to check out the damier though... I've seen a couple of them on ebay and they are really nice as well.
  10. [​IMG]I know, you guys know this is a fake....but I couldn't find a pic of an authentic forgive me. I just put my name on a list at Saks for this beautiful bag....just thought you might want to consider this one CK21?!
  11. Yes, I have considered (and am considering) the damier speedy. I just don't know if the damier pattern is me--on one hand it strikes me as classic and classy, but on the other, it just doesn't sing to me...

    For people with any style in the epi---how has the leather held up? Have you done anything to treat or clean it?
  12. I got the Epi in the Alma about 3 years ago and it's still slouching, fading etc....of course I did take great care of it.
    You really can't go wrong with any of your choices...but I have to say I really love the Epi in any style!
  13. I put a magazine on the bottom of my mono speedy. I would love to eventually get an epi speedy though!
  14. I agree on the suggestions about getting a damier speedy unless you've already ruled it out. You don't have to worry about the leather on the damier and it'll go with everything like the mono.

    I think the epi speedy is a BEAUTIFUL piece but I also see it as a very professional-looking bag whereas the mono/damier is more casual. Epi holds up just as well as canvas and i dont think the color will be outdated at all.

    It's all up to you and your lifestyle but my vote goes for damier ;P