New member! My first Kooba (Molly) via ebay need advice


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May 15, 2008
Hi ladies, I just received my first Kooba, Molly- via ebay and I am am trying to retain my excitment. I'm at work and I and not able to to fully examine it yet but I'm really praying its the real deal. Here's the listing

Seller seems really nice and will honor full refund if I am not satisfied. My first ebay bag purchase so of course I was hesitant fearing the f word (fake:P)

Any pointers from fellow Kooba lovers as to what I should be looking at to further validate its authenticity? I know I should've posted this prior to purchase but I couldn't pass up the opportunity, I loved this bag from afar for some time now and wanted to love it even more by owning it :nogood:

Any advice will be appreciated Thanks!!


Sep 21, 2007
Congrats on your first Kooba! I have not seen the Molly in person, so I can't speak to the authenticity, but nothing jumps at me straight away as being wrong w/ the bag.

She seems to have good feedback on Ebay and Tool Haus- and appears to have sold some authentic Coach items. I'd let the other ladies chime in on the bag though. I think at least one person has bought it. I don't think we've seen a fake Molly yet either, if I recall.


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Dec 27, 2007
I did my (Elisha) with the AppleGard products and she turned out really nice. I'd just test a hidden place first, the leather on the KOOBA's seems to very widely from bag to bag and style to style, I'd hate for yours to spot or darken or something!


Apr 8, 2007
Congrats on your new Kooba! I have always used Wilson's on my Kooba's (and other bags as well). It works really well, and I've never had any problems with it. I don't have any of the newer season bags though, and from what I have heard the leather is quite different from the older seasons, so you may want to do a small test on an inconspicuous spot before putting anything on the whole bag!