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  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. went to Nordstrom today. guess what i got... hehehehe... i sure am a happy girl today.

    i got a large pouch pocket paddington from their summer 2006 collection. i'm so ecstatic, just wanna come on this board and share my joy. they had so many paddingtons there, 'cuz they just had a shipment yesterday.

    funny thing is that i met a girl at the handbag section in the store. and it turned out that she's from the purse forum too. hehehe....
  2. Congrats! Which colour did u get?
  3. oh, guess it'd help if i have pictures. hehehe...
    chloe.jpg chloecloseup.jpg
  4. i got the one in white/beige color. they had a yellow/mustard color also. but the white shows the details of the hardware more. my bf says that lock probablly costs a lot. so i'd better pick a color that shows off the lock. LOL.

    and thanks to josephine for helping me choose between the white and the yellow. by the way, the eggplant paddington tote looks great on you. (i think told you that in the store. hehehe...)
  5. Wow, beautiful! The blanc is just a lovely colour for the paddy, exp the pocket. ETenebris has the med one and I just love the look of hers too. Hope she decides to keep it (hint, hint, ET. lol!)

    Congrats once again, happyme! Enjoy her!!!
  6. Very nice! Love that color! Congrats!
  7. Congrats! That is too funny that you met a PFer there!

    Did they have the Jaune in the regular Paddy?
  8. Very pretty, congrats on your purchase !
  9. Pretty summer bag! Enjoy!
  10. It's beautiful! Lovely color! Thanks for the pictures and enjoy the Paddington!
  11. I love that color in the paddy. Congrats & enjoy your new bag.
  12. Beautiful color :love: Congrats on your new bag!
  13. The hardware looks great with that colour, congrats!
  14. Very nice! I saw this IRL for the 1st time yesterday and it was really nice. Congratulations!
  15. Thanks SerenitySue...I might have to keep her!

    Happyme, CONGRATS on your beautiful bag!!! Don't you love how the hardware looks more coppery on the blanc bags? This is the first blanc BIG pocket I have seen...I hope you will take a pic with the bag on for us! She is GORGEOUS!!! I have to say that the BIG pocket is a great shoulder bag (better than the medium pocket) least from my "trying on and walking around the house" experience, but I felt like mine was "empty" even with all of my stuff, so I sold it and got the medium pocket instead. But your pics just make me miss mine! I hope we will be seeing more of her!!!