New member here :) Need to know if my new Prada wallet is authentic or no

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  1. Hi all!

    Just wanted to say how glad I am to find such an awesome website with an abundance of helpful information!

    I've only joined for a day and I am already asking for help . . .

    I recently purchased a Prada Black Leather Continental Wallet from and I wanted to know whether or not the wallet is a knockoff!

    Style is 1M1132

    I just received it today and here are the pictures -- do the Prada wallets typically come with an inside tag with serial number printed on it? Because this one doesn't.

    They did include an authenticity card with a barcoded tag on the box. But I'm just paranoid . . . any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advance!!
    DSC00931.JPG DSC00935.JPG DSC00937.JPG DSC00938.JPG DSC00939.JPG
  2. PLease post in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread at the top of the Prada forum!we will b happy to help u there!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.