New Member Asking For Advice on Luggage

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  1. Hey guys. I have been looking at the PF for a while and decided to join, cause it seems fun.. For my first post i need advice for which Luggage i should get.. I am going to Jordan this summer and i cant wait!!:yahoo:But of course i have to travel in style:supacool:, lol so i need to get LV Luggage. I want to get the Pégase 60 in Damier, but then again I am having second thoughts, and thinking to get it in the plain mono canvas.. Do you think guys should really only carry Damier line.
  2. Well, another poster here had their luggage switched for fakes. So unless you're taking those as a carry on, Be very careful about those "security" check in people. But either one looks great!
  3. Omg "switched for fakes!!" I dont think Pégase 60 can be a carry on??
  4. I dont know if it can be carried on...but I love the Damier
  5. I'd get the Damier!
  6. Damier for sure!
  7. I would get the damier too! Subtly chic...and you don't have vachetta to worry about when you're bringing your luggage everywhere...
  8. i've been thinking of getting the Damier, because it's not as recognizable, and because it won't get dirty like the Monogram Pegase will, with the vachetta being dragged around
  9. I'd go for the Damier Pegase.
  10. another vote for the Damier Pegase... but maybe just get the 50 so you can take it on board with you :yes:
  11. Both are beautiful :heart: I love both Pegases IRL but I'd go for the Damier because I don't have to worry about the vachetta handle! I'd only use carry-on LV luggage though...and I don't think the 60 is suitable...
  12. i'd get the damier! it's stress-free as the dirt wouldn't be as noticeable compared with the monogram :smile:
  13. another vote for damier
  14. absolutely damier!!
  15. I like the Damier better for a guy.

    Btw, the member whose luggage was switched was pretty sure it happened at the hotel rather than by the airlines.