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May 8, 2007
So. California
Hello everyone! I've been lurking in the LV forums for the past few days, ever since I laid eyes on the LV purse that I would eventually buy. Just to give you a little bit of a background, I love purses and am slowly building up my collection (which at this moment consists of a 3 Coach, 2 Dooney & Bourkes, a Kate Spade and my previously "expensive" purse and wallet from Ferragamo). I've been looking for a new purse for the past 2 or 3 months, to commemorate my promotion at work! :smile:

So, the hunt began for my "1K purse". Luckily, I'm in Southern California where the shopping is fantastic for designer handbags. I finally narrowed it down to a Gucci purse (the Princy Boston in Guccissima Mystic White Leather), but my fiance and I stopped by the Louis Vuitton boutique in Rodeo Drive this past Friday, on a whim, as I (for some crazy reason) was not considering LV, and my FI was not a fan either. We went into LV, "just to look".... and we BOTH fell in LOVE with the purse that would soon be mine. The Epi Turenne PM in Ivoire. :heart:

We looked around a bit more, but decided that this was it... but crazy me decided I needed to think about it a little bit longer, but it was definitely between the Gucci and the LV. We stopped by the new LV boutique at the Beverly Center to look at it again, but they didn't have the Ivory. On Saturday, we went to South Coast Plaza, looked at the Gucci, and decided to get the LV!!! BUT, the South Coast Plaza store didn't care the Epi Turenne in Ivoire, only in Black and Cannelle. Not to worry, I thought... We were headed down to San Diego on Sunday, so I'll stop by either the Fashion Valley Mall or Horton Plaza to pick it up. So, come Sunday, we went to Fashion Valley, but they too, did not have the Ivory (only Red). I asked them to check stock at Horton Plaza, only to hear that they didn't have any. The SA checked other Southern California stores, and it turned out that Beverly Hills (Rodeo) only had 1!! :wtf: So I asked for the Beverly Hills number, and called them from the Fashion Valley store. Luckily, they still had it in stock, and they put it aside for me to pick up on Monday (Memorial Day).

Fast forward to Monday, where my FI and I made a mad rush to Beverly Hills as an "emergency trip." We walked through Rodeo Drive, feeling a bit nervous as most of the boutiques were closed for the holiday, and hoping that LV would be open as they said they would be. We walked into the store, and asked for the purse that was on hold. The SA brought it out, and I checked (just to make sure everything was ok), and BOUGHT IT! Yay!!! 5 visits to LV stores later, I finally had the Ivory Epi Turenne! :yahoo:

Attached are some pictures of my new purchase. I'm hoping I'll take some better ones tomorrow while the sun is out (these were taken in the evening, in my dimly lit room). Does anyone else have this purse yet? I've been trying to find the Date Code on it, but am not having very much luck locating it (any help would be greatly appreciated!)

I hope you enjoy my purse and my (rather long) first post... here's to many more LVs and posts in the future! :smile:


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Jan 9, 2007
congrats!!! what an exciting story :lol: may it be the begining of your LV adventure :drinkup: