New Medium Suede Niki.. Should I keep this bag?

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  1. Hi, I´m new here :smile:

    I was lucky to get this absolutely beautiful bag at even a little over 30percent off. And it is great.
    But it is also suede leather all over and has a very delicate inlay on the flap and front so I somehow don´t dare to wear it. I also asked at Saint Laurent and they definitely don´t recommend to treat it with a waterproof spray or something. This bag still has the pricetag of a normal medium Niki or Vicky.. (which I´d both also love and don´t have) One of these I´d wear most probably daily. I´m afraid this pretty suede bag might just end up sitting in my closet next to my sequined Louboutins.. :biggrin:
    To me it has the size of an everyday bag but the material of a special occasion clutch…
    But I still totally love it. Any thoughts on this?
    Or maybe someone already got this bag and can reassure me that wearing it will be fine?

    Thank you for your help!

  2. You seem to have very strong reservations against the bag so I'd return it while you can. Personally I would keep it because it's just so lovely and just wear it occasionally.
  3. Hi, I personally really love this star version of the Niki bag. Stars are very much apart of the Saint Laurent classic signature. I don’t think the bag is as delicate as you think it is, it’s mostly leather with some suede. It’s black too which means it will wear well. If it was me I would keep it and use it.

    It is also seen on model Kaia Gerber in the recent Saint Laurent ad campaign.

    However it seems like you would prefer a regular Niki bag over this one so you should return it if you are not loving it. :smile:

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  4. thank you ladies! and thank you for the photos @missworld

    I totally love it, maybe I should just wear it .. but it’s still not a bag you’d want to be caught in the rain with..
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  5. Did they tell you why they wouldn't recommend a protective spray? I bought a brown suede YSL bag recently, and asked the same thing. I was told that they wouldn't recommend more than a light spray. Same concerns, but since mine is brown, I'm more nervous than I would be with black/leather combo. Your bag is amazing!
  6. Thanks :smile:
    No they didn´t… I think they don´t want to take responsibility if something goes wrong.
    I checked the tiny booklet that came with the bag and it said the spray, dry with soft cloth..
    I asked at another place specialized in protecting leather and they said suede is not the problem, but the issue with my bag is that there are so many different leathers on the flap, including metallic.
    And some suede sprays can damage or change the appearance of other leathers..
    I think if yours is all suede you should be fine..
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