New medium or old medium boy? Reveal!

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Which size boy would you prefer?

  1. New medium

    5 vote(s)
  2. Old medium

    23 vote(s)
  1. image.jpeg Just thought I take a poll on your thoughts on the old medium size or new medium for boy. Which one would you pick? I have both as the pic below. I use to like the new medium size but now , leaning toward the old medium size and the chevron pattern. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  2. I am a little confused about all this naming because an SA in Neiman Marcus told me that the "new medium" is now called large, and the "old medium" is just medium now?
    Can someone please clarify? :huh:
  3. #3 Jul 10, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2016
    You have stunning boy collection!!
    I went for the old medium and love the size as it doesn't look bulky when worn crossbody and because I plan to use it only on the weekends when I don't care with me too much. If it would be my daily bag my vote would go for the new medium.
  4. they are all beauties....for me personally I love the "old medium" size best (but that's because of my height/proportion best for me)
  5. <----- old medium for me but I am super petite.
  6. I have an old medium one but I wish I bought the new medium. So I vote for new medium
  7. I actually love them both. However, the New Medium fits my necessities so much better. Also, I like to carry the L-Gusset Long Wallet which only fits in the NM size (for me). I really like to have the matching SLG if I can. Please note, I carry more necessities than most. That's why I have so many Jumbo's!
    All 3 of the Boys are just TDF!
  8. old medium for me. new medium looks huge!! like a boxy messenger bag.

    mini/small is still small (the 8" size) - there was also a size even smaller than this one that people used to refer to as a mini or even XS that is only 6" across (to add to the confusion LOL!)
    old medium is now medium (10" size)
    new medium is now large

    most of the SA's i've talked to have switched over to this new size reference, but some also like to use price for reference as well.... small is $4300, med is $4700 and large is $5200

  9. New Medium for me for daily use. Old medium is more of a formal size for me or perfect for times when I don't carry much. Love the new medium for everyday use!