NEW MC wait list

  1. I just called LV on Bloor Street Toronto, Canada and got on the wait list for the new Ursula(was neo audra) in black MC. The SA told me that the launch for the new MC bags will be April 1st or 15th. Also she said the lists aren't that bad. I don't know how the lists are anywhere else in the world but they're not too bad here!
  2. I'm the only one on the wait list at my store for the Rita! lol

    Did you decide on the ursula instead of the larger bag?

    Love love them! Be sure to let us know when you get it.

    I am trying to save my money but just ordered tons of accessories today and Saturday so I hope I have the funds when she calls! DH only lets me pay cash for LV-no charging to fund my addictions! lol

    What a grinch!
  3. wow can't wait to see the new MC pieces. anyone got pics?
  4. Matter of fact, we do! lol
    Posted them tons of times cause I'm so excited. They only show in white in the LV look book, so you'll have to use your imagination if you want black.



    The Rita is $2020 (says my SA), Ursula is supposed to be around $1800 or less and Marilyn is $1200-ish according to other tPFers.

    There is also a Marilyn style bag coming out with exotic leathers in cute trim colors. People have said the black will be trimmed in lime and lilac and the white has tons of trim colors including a dark hot pink. Price is almost $3,000 on it I think (dont quote me, but it is steep!)

  5. When I really look at the pics and compare and count the number of LVs across, it looks like the Rita isn't really much bigger than the Ursala in width.
    I'd love to see them in person together. Cant wait.
    I'd originally been told by someone on here that the width was larger than a keepall, but no way that's true.

    Speaking of, I ordered a black keepall today. I'm soooo excited. I have a vegas trip in June and I am binge buying so I have cool duds to take! Woo hoo! Must save money for RITA tho!
  6. i like the Rita and the Marilyn with exotic leather trimming. :graucho:
  7. The Marilyn looks great! I think I might have to get that. Although it does seem like it's got clutch-like proportions only?
  8. WOW! I love Rita & Ursula :nuts:
  9. I love the Ursula! Gotta have that one.
  10. Does anyone know how big the ursula is??

  11. I'm the only one at my store waitlisted for the HAMPSTEAD!
  12. I have no idea how big the ursula is but I love it! I thought I liked the rita best but I changes my mind. I also thought I wanted it in white but I'm waiting for black instead. I hope it launches April 1st!
  13. I LOVE the MC line but I don't think I am going to get any of the new bags.
  14. Actually I have to be honest, the Marilyn does not look great but I might have to get it anyway cos it's the name of a person VERY close to me. :sad:
  15. the rita is really nice!