New MC SLGs in US Boutiques, whaaaaat?! It's true!

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  1. #1 May 13, 2016
    Last edited: May 13, 2016
    Just got a message from my SA and am headed in to get a brand new black Multicolore / Grenade Insolite wallet they just got in! She couldn't believe when they showed up. Thankfully she's letting me exchange my new Multicartes I got a few weeks ago. I tried putting cards in it and couldn't get more than a couple business cards in each slot, and it bent the corners and irritated me, and credit cards were no better so I put it away. It just needs to be like a half inch wider!

    They also got a white MC / pink Sarah and a black MC Zippy. If I was not on a ban I would be all over these beauties. If anyone wants the store info just shoot me a PM as these are unicorns and I am happy to help someone get it!

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  2. 😍😍😍😍
  3. Preeeeeettttttyyyyy! Good to know about the multicartes. I was debating the same piece. :smile:
  4. Omg, this is a shocking news. I want to "really?" "Seriously?" But doesnt seem like you are playing April fool. Congratulations. Do you know if this collection will come back in bags?
  5. I doubt it. My SA says Paris only if at all.
  6. On men , lucky Paris. Thanks
  7. Any black cosmetic cases?
  8. What an amazing SA!! Please post pics when you get your new MC wallet!

    If you ever plan taking a trip to Japan or know any personal shoppers in Asia, they still have MC bags (as well as lots of other MC items) available on the Japanese vuitton website.
  9. Oh wow, thanks for letting me know. Anyone recommend Japanese shopper please [emoji8]
  10. Wow how interesting that they brought some MC back. Makes me wonder if they might make a few "LE" MC items in the future. For example they might do a few SLG's and one or two bag styles around the holidays. It just seems rather random to bring them back after discontinuing the line. Congrats on the new wallets!

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  11. They're still available in Paris too :smile:
  12. I wish. If so they'd be mine!

  13. 🙂
  14. I just checked the price which is crazy. I dont ever complaint to be in the US. We get very good prices here
  15. Whats still avalable?
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