New MC Purchase

  1. Yesterday i finally be able to decide to choose to go with the eliza in the LV store. Because its big enough for all my essentials and I can easily transfer that to an evening bag too. And I also found a matching wallet to go with: mc koala! Thank you for everyone to help me choose. You guys are awesome! :tup:


  2. OMG that bag is freaking gorgeous! And you look so pretty with it! And great color combo on the wallet!! Congrats on 2 beautiful purchases!
  3. Congratz Bei Bei, Eliza looks hot on you! How long did it take to decide? I'm thinking I may need to go and get a white one myself.
  4. It's a cute pair... :biggrin: Congrats, Bei Bei!
  5. You got some great advice cause you acquired some yummy goodies.The Eliza looks fab on yo.

  6. thank you! it took about 5 mins and i had both eliza and lodge on my each shoulder! it was kind of tough because they are both goregeous!!! you should! its very cute and roomy!!!:tup:
  7. the bag looks sooooo fab on you bei bei! congrats on your new bag + wallet!
  8. Gorgeous, congrats!
  9. It's gorgeous and it looks fabulous on you!!
  10. OMG, totally stunning! You have excellent taste, they look amazing! Congrats!
  11. very nice, congrat's.
  12. Those are both so gorgeous...congrats on your new purchases!!! :smile:
  13. love your new items, congrats.
  14. Congrats! You look amazingly gorgeous!
  15. soo gorgeous! :heart: the eliza on you! congrats and enjoy!