New MC LV (Japan Only?)

  1. I discovered a MC bag from the Japanese rakuten site, not sure if its new, anybody know more details?


    or i think it's only sold in Japan? :shrugs:
  2. It's an old LE style called the Lenore.
  3. It's called Leonor. It's discontinued and was available worldwide...:yes:
  4. Tooo bad it was d/c'd... It was such a cute bag!
  5. thanks for the info, aww i was too late to be a LV fan lol
    was this bag desgined by Takashi Murakami? His style really has a wide range! *btw i luv this bag too! :p
  6. Monogram Multicolore was created by Takashi Murakami... the Leonor bag style was created by Marc Jacobs.
  7. I'm so longing for the Leonor.
  8. :sad: It's so beautiful... too bad it's discontinued!!!