New MC Bags??!!

  1. I saw the look book a couple of days ago and the new MC bags weren't included? does anyone know anything about them?! I heard there was gonna be one with fuscia lines or something and also what about the theda bags??! I wanna waitlist but my SA knows nothing about them??! Can anyone tell me!!:confused1: :confused1:
  2. New mc bags??? are you sure? i heard nothing about that:s
  3. yeah, someone mentioned something about new mc bags.
  4. please if some one knows anything please tell us!
  5. I believe they were in the newest look book? When I went in last week, the MC bags weren't in there, just the S/S '07 bags [LVOE, East/West, Dentelle, new Mini Lin color, and Denim Patchwork bags].
  6. If you look into you will se one great mc bag builder