New MC Bags for 07?

  1. I have heard alot about these bags and even a mention of a LE bag. Does anyone have any pics of these new bags comming out?
  2. nope but i can't wait to see them
  3. Really, like what kind of LE MC Bags??????? :love: I like MC.
  4. Someone posted in another thread about it. I really want to see I am selling my only Black MC so I NEED another.:smile:
  5. That is true I heard that there is a new coming! Me too I am dying to see it!~
  6. I want to see what is coming out. I love this site!!!!!!!!!!!! Always hearing things before it comes out. :yahoo: Since its LE, it will probably cost a lot of $. But I cannot wait to see what it is.
  7. I talked to my SA at Neiman Marcus today about the new MC lines ---she said that there will be three new MC bags plus another LE MC item:

    1) One is called Neo Audra which will be about $1500 --- bigger than the Audra and has a flap with a big buckle.

    2) The second is called the "Handbag" ---somewhat like the MC speedy with an outer pocket, but a big buckle, and an option for a shoulder strap. She said that "there was too much going on with this new MC, and the big buckle is that ...big."

    3) The third new MC is a smaller shoulder bag with a flap and a buckle.

    There are big buckles on these new MC bags. I haven't seen them IRL. She tried to describe them for me as best as she could.

    ALSO: there will be LE MC with the alligator trim. Cost is $4500.

    I'm going next week to see the "look book" and I'll be able to tell you all more about this.

    BTW, the dimensions for the new MC heart purse (scheduled to launch in February) are in LV's website --- 1.2"x4.1"x3.3" --- nice size. It'll cost $350, same as the pomme d'amour vernis heart coin purse.

    I put my name on the waitlist for the MC heart purse instead of the vernis one --- so I can match more bags.
  8. Thanks sooo much for the info. If you can get any pics please do and post them for us esp the LE bag. :yes: :yes: :yes:

  9. thanks for the descriptions! the buckle reminded me of a birdbeak...
  10. "handbag" sounds cute, wild MC print w/busy design...i like! lol, SA in here have no idea of what i am talking about....... :'(
  11. Thanks, Pursenut!
  12. blah, i hate flaps. they get in the way.
  13. You're welcome! I'll see if I can get more information about the MC pieces next week when I go in to see my SA. I hope it looks better than what she described, but she wasn't too impressed with them. We'll wait and see....
  14. Ohh! I'd like to see the small MC shoulder bag! Thanks for the info!