New MC and Mono Accessories *pics*

  1. Key Holder $220 ish MC

    Zippy Wallet $675 MC

    the mono accessories are on the site, too lazy to post lol!

    the badge in mono is $225

  2. Nice haul!
  3. these arn't mine lol! mmmm i wish tho
  4. beat you to it matt they are in the shopping section :p
  5. well did u catch the new mens taiga stuff! lol
  6. oohh no *off to check it out*
  7. loves them ! thanks for posting
  8. I like the mens Utah change purse it's like a cles with a pocket. is that new or have I just missed it (I don't look at the mens section that much)

    also does anyone know what the frandole towel looks like there has been a title for it for ages but no pics.
  9. Sooo cute! I need a MC key holder!
  10. I have been wondering the SAME thing on that towel! no its new for the men! they took the idea from the utah badge holder ;)
  11. The coin purse?
    No, it's been around for a while!
  12. Cute!
  13. Magellan Taiga Wallet is MINE!
  14. the MC key holder is so cute! i love small LV logos..just like the MC wapity that i sold off!!

    but..won't it get dirty easily? :wtf:
  15. does anyone know if they are coming out with a new ipod holder or cover? i thought someone said they were...i really want one for my nano.