New MBMJ purchase to keep or not?

  1. Of course to keep !!!! congrats honey :smile:
  2. thanks for all the replies I've decided to return the bag and get it with silver hardware as I have a black bag with GH but it is very subtle and I do love it and I also have a cream coloured bag which again has subtle goldtone HW so I am not against GH but its just I personally think that the gold HW on this is too strong and overpowering for me and I feel definitely I will get more use out of the silver but love love love the bag itself.

    Will update you with all with pics & info soon - have ordered the bag online with SH and am returning the bag this evening no point in hanging on to it around thanks.
  3. Keep it! love the gold hardware
  4. I really like it on you. You rock it well! Cant wait to see it with the SH.
  5. I love it.
  6. Sooo friging excited :woohoo: got a call from DH new MBMJ bag arrived today gonna leave it to tomorrow to open (my b'day treat to me) will post pics then super super excited!!
  7. I loveeee this bag. IMO I would keep it if I were you but I do prefer GH over SH any day.
  8. love it , perfect on u
  9. keep it, its perfect!