New 'masculine' sunnies AND LA FOLIE up on LV site

  1. I've already got my new Armandos and the La Folie jewellery :heart:. Just a heads up that they're now up on the UK site too :smile:, under the Women's section.
    But I'm sure the sunnies could suit a guy too, since they does look masculine, but the frames are less overwhelming than the usual gents' styles, kwim?
    No black though...oddly, but the red version is very dark so it probably won't look too feminine.
  2. i finally saw the new styles in my boutique the other day. i think the Auguste will be my next target. they only have the ecaille/tortoise atm which i really like, but the red might be nicer and different.
  3. thanks!

    Who designed the Armory the others? A danish designer?