New Market Tote?

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  1. Hi everyone! I have been downsizing my Coach collection and have realized the one bag I don't have is a good structured tote. I have been considering the market tote in the new gunmetal/silver. I noticed it does not seem to be available at any department stores and it looks like they've lowered the price from $350 to $325 on these. Has anyone seen the new colors in store? Also, if you have a market tote, could you share how it holds up and if the straps dig into your shoulders? I had an anthracite glam tote that I used until the straps fell apart and absolutely loved the color and durability, but when loaded the straps would leave huge red marks in my neck/shoulder. I live at least an hour from any coach store, so would love some insight if the bag is worth it before making the trip or calling to order with the Mother's Day promo.
    Thank you!
  2. I have two market totes but they are the original hologram and the saddle and I love them. I carry them for my daily commute and they do hold up well and the straps do not dig even when loaded up. I find them to be very comfortable and provide easy access to everything in the bag without taking it off my shoulder. I noticed that the ones on the site are now lined with fabric, My two are lined in leather or really are just like the inside of the raw bag. That could be why the bag is $25 less.
  3. Oh nice catch on the lining! I didn't even read that far. Maybe I'll keep stalking eBay for a saddle or a peacock. My outlets have never gotten any. Thank you so much for replying! I appreciate the info!
  4. I have the original black pebbled market tote with the badlands floral leather lining. It's a super comfy bag to carry, but I think that the leather will break in and slouch over time. I've had it only a short time and it's become one of my favorites.
  5. Thank you! I always like your taste in bags....and silver hardware :smile:
  6. Thank you, that's very sweet! :hugs: