New markdowns on eLuxury

  1. Up to 50% off. Lots of denim on sale in most sizes. Use FALL for free shipping - thank you Missazx for posting this code in the eLux thread above. And you can also get 7% back through Lucky Rewards.
  2. Thanks for posting! I was tired of seeing that lonely IF hobo for so long!
  3. Thanks for sharing! There are tons of jeans marked down! :biggrin:
  4. is the website not working for anyone else???? i'm getting frustrated!
  5. Cool, thanks! Got a great pair of Tod's ballet flats plus free shipping! Woo hoo!
  6. Does eLuxury send order confirmation right after an order is placed, and/or should an order show up immediately in your order history? I placed an order a couple of hours ago (at least I think I did) and got an order number, but no confirmation and nothing is in history (and now the item is gone and the w/s is glacial).
  7. Actually, I just received a confirmation email for the order I placed Friday night, so hopefully your order is fine :smile:
  8. thanks for posting! grabbed a pair of rich & skinny jeans i've been wanting for a while...
  9. Argh! My order went through fine and I got an email saying my Tod's flats are sold out in my size! Grr ...