New Markdowns on!

  1. Just browsed the sales section and noticed lotsa new stuff, especially bags....;)
  2. ^^Thanks! Is it just me, or are some of the bags appearing on the sale page, but coming up as blank in the color field? I guess that means they are out of stock?
  3. ^ really? i wonder if perhaps they're just updating right now?
  4. The same thing happened to me. I saw a Botkier Bianca Medium for $298 and wanted to snatch it up, but when I clicked on the color or size tab, it was just blank.
  5. Interesting -- the Kooba Jennifer that they canceled on me (said they were sold out) is back up! Hmm... either they weren't really sold out or it was a return.
  6. I believe those bags with blank fields are all sold out. The sale was on earlier today and I saw the bags flying as I refreshed the web page. I bought a black AC Jet Setter (not jr) for around $200. I also got RM Nikki in nightblue for $225 or so but they canceled that order. It must have been oversold. They had Botkier large Sophie and some other bags which are not shown any more on the web site.