new markdowns at

  1. I'm new to this but just wanted to let you know they put a ton of new stuff on clearance including moschino and lepore shoes down to 70% off in the designer section.
  2. Thanks sango217! Those are really good deals! Too bad that they don't have my size anymore...
  3. Thanks! Going to check it out now!
  4. any freeshipping code?
  5. OMG! Thank you so much! I just ordered several pair of MJ and MBMJ shoes, hopefully at least some of them will fit. And at 70% off how could I resist!
  6. i don't think Nordstrom ever has free shipping. Its only $5 for any purchase or 12.50 for two day.
  7. Wow some really really great deals!
  8. Just like other sites, bookmark the stuff you like, b/c Nordies' stock seems to fluctuate day-to-day.