New Markdowns at Net-a-Porter US Sale!

  1. what does it mean they have one one additional/final markdown? on some of the items they had a tab that said reduced futher so does this mean it might go down even more?

    tips : should i wait till they do that?
    ps. around when does that happen?
  2. Wish I saw it that's my size :sad:
  3. In the second round of mark-downs, some items that were already in the sale are "further reduced" and new items are added to the sale.

    In the third round of mark-downs (the final reductions), any sale items may be further reduced (whether they have been reduced before or not), although no new items will be added to the sale.

    Final reductions usually occur around two weeks after second round of mark-downs. You could wait to see if the final reductions apply to the things you want, but it's a risk to wait that long as the items could very easily sell out. You could put the items on your wishlist and if they don't say "low stock" you might try waiting until the final reductions.
  4. Has anyone received their credit yet?
  5. does anyone know if there will be the additional discount on the sale in the final days as they did the last time round?

    thank you!
  6. I want to know too... because i've been eyeing a couple of things.. just hoping to get them cheaper..
  7. me too!! been eyeing a couple of items hoping to get them cheaper!
  8. The email NAP sent out today said "Final Sale Reductions" but it looks like nothing has been reduced further yet! If NAP goes by the past few sales, an extra 20% off should happen around this Monday. I'm also waiting for a few things to get one final price chop.
  9. Does anyone know if they'll have free international shipping? Or coupon codes? :smile: thanks!!
  10. Select items have been marked down again. Sadly the things I want are not among them. But there are some excellent deals to be had.
  11. WOOHOO! Got my item marked down. :smile:))
  12. Everything I wanted is sold out now =( Oh well, will wait for Saks or BG to mark their's down more.
  13. They won't. They rarely have free shipping, and never during sales.
  14. Does anyone know when the further mark down will happen to other countries ie Asia...I know the first cut sale only happened few weeks ago...but was wondering how long I need to wait...thanks
  15. Yayyyyy!!! Got another Roland mouret dress that I've been waiting for final markdown!!! Been stalking the dress daily to make sure it wasn't so out! Lol